9/30 | DIY Pumpkin Craft Tutorials

Halloween is fast approaching and we have just enough time to make some super awesome DIY Halloween crafts to display and use this season. I love making Halloween crafts because they’re fun and they get me in the spooky holiday spirit! You won’t believe some of these DIY Pumpkin Craft Tutorials we’ve got to show you today, they’re going to be so fun to make. You can use these great projects in your home, or for your Halloween party, and they’ll be a huge hit.

DIY Pumpkin Plates

If you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with Fall and Halloween. It has to be my favorite season. I love decorating for Fall and anything to do with pumpkins. I was at a yard sale back in August and found a set of these decorative wooden plates. I believe they are supposed to be apples, but we’re going to turn them into DIY Pumpkin Plates today with Americana Decor Maxx Gloss Paint and Americana Decou-Page.

Supplies : Decorative Wooden Plates | Americana Decor Maxx Gloss (Orange Slice) | Americana Decou-Page | Brushes | Black Cardstock | Scissors | Pen

1. Clean your wooden plates, if needed. Mine were very dusty. You can easily clean them with a damp cloth.

2. Paint the inside of your plates with 1 or 2 coats of Maxx Gloss. This will give your plates a nice glossy look. Allow this to dry thoroughly before decoupaging.

3. Cut out your pumpkin eyes and noses for your plates. They’re just triangles and are really easy to cut out with a pair of scissors.

4. Now take your pen and draw the mouths onto the cardstock and cut out with your scissors. Get creative!

5. Once the Maxx Gloss paint has thoroughly dried, take your Decou-Page and decoupage each face onto the painted plates. Let dry. Display your decorative pumpkin plates with pride!

3 Fun Halloween Crafts

Last Tuesday I was on my local news sharing some fun Halloween crafts. I wanted to share the video with you guys since I know how much you all love seeing where Courtney and I are on the internet. These 3 Halloween Crafts are super fun and easy to make. I know you will have a fun time DIYing these and I hope you enjoy the video

View Below | View On YouTube

DIY Outdoor Pumpkin Luminary

I love making holiday crafts and decorating the inside as well as the outside of my home for this time of year, but no one likes paying so much for their decor. Good thing us crafters get to DIY to save a buck or two, and make awesome one of a kind piece, like this great Outdoor Pumpkin Luminary! I’ll show you how to make it today.


Here’s How To make Them:

Step 1 : Paint the entire pumpkin orange, the stem brown, and the dowel black. Then Spray with acrylic sealer and allow to dry.

Step 2 : Seal your painted Make It Fun : Foam Pumpkin with an acrylic sealer, this will protect it during the holiday season.

Step 3 : Insert the dowel through the bottom of the pumpkin and hot glue in place.


Step 4 : Cut a hole out of the back of the pumpkin, insert the LED light, and reinsert the foam piece you cut. 
Step 5: Tie a bow onto the base of the pumpkin with the ribbon and place outside to show your holiday spirit!

What did you guys think of our fun foam craft transformation? I love how this project came together and love how in expensive this project was! I think this would be a great one to do with the kids. This post was sponsored by Make it Fun : Foam. Thank you for supporting our brand partners that make A Little Craft In Your Day possible. 

DIY Wooden Pumpkin Stand

Today on the blog we’re going to make a Wooden Pumpkin Stand from fence pickets. It is so much fun and we’re going to paint it with our DecoArt Americana Decor Multi-Surface Paint. This is one of my favorite projects with Home Depot’s Do-it-herself program. It was actually really easy and I’m obsessed with fall season anyway. I even had the awesome people had Home Depot cut the pieces of wood for me. They’re great! Let’s make this project. 

Supplies : Americana Multi-Surface Paint | Nail Gun | Jigsaw | Paint Brush | 1 inch nails | 4 Fence Pickets cut into 18′ inch pieces | 2 1×2 @ 20′ long | 1 1×2 @ 8′ long | 1 fence picket @ 17′ inch long | 2 fence pickets @ 5 1/2′ long | 1 fence picket @ 16′ long | Scissors

1. Line up your cut fence pickets and draw your ideal cuts with your pencil. I have placed my two backing supports on top of the pieces of wood just to make sure I wasn’t going to compromise the finish looking pumpkin.

2. Nail your two back supports for your pumpkin into the fence pickets. Use your nail gun to complete this project.

3. Take your jigsaw and follow your cutting guides that you created with your pencil. Slowly follow those lines with your jigsaw.

4. Now nail your stem of your pumpkin into the back of the pumpkin. I nailed it in an angle.

5. Paint your pumpkin with Americana Multi-Surface in Pumpkin Pie.

6. Now nail your 17-inch piece into the 5 1/2 inch piece of fence picket. Repeat to the other side, than you’re going to want to nail the bottom of your basket to this piece.

7. You’re going to now paint your basket for your pumpkin and nail it into the middle of your wooden pumpkin. We’re using Americana Multi-Surface Satin in brown.

8. We’re now going to decoupage a jack-o-lantern face onto the pumpkin! You could stop with how it is now, but I was wanting a little something more. I took a printable and traced it onto some brown card stock to match.

9. Apply a thick coat of Americana Decou-Page Outdoor formula to the wood and apply the card stock cut out.

Now it is complete! Wasn’t this fun? I hope you enjoyed learning how to make your very own wooden pumpkins from fence pickets. I cannot wait until Halloween now and all the trick-or-treaters can see my wooden pumpkin and pick a treat from the basket. For more information on Home Depot’s Do-It-Herself classes, which happen every 3rd Thursday of the month, click here.

This post was sponsored by Home Depot & DecoArt. Thank you for supporting the brand partners that make A Little Craft In Your Day possible!

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