10/31 | Fun Fall Kids Craft

Fall is so much fun for so many reasons but sometimes I think the kids don’t get to enjoy as much of it as we do, and I want to change that. Most of the fall crafts for kids are messy and complicated. They’re gluing leaves or painting their hands as turkeys, it doesn’t have to be so messy! This great fall craft for kids is so simple all it takes is yarn and pipe cleaner. It’s fun for kids as well as adults, so as far as this Fun Fall Kids Craft goes, I think it’s a winner. Who wouldn’t love these adorable DIY Yarn pumpkins? Check out how you and your kids can make your own this season. You could use them as decor all over your home, or even attach a little tag to them and turn them into place cards for your Thanksgiving dinner.


One- Wrap the orange yarn around your hand about 100 times, then carefully remove the ball of yarn from your hand, keeping it in tact.

Two- Cut another piece of yarn to wrap around the whole yarn ball you made, and make sure the string is lined up in the middle of your ball before tying.

Three- Before you trim the excess from where you tied it, lay a small piece of pipe cleaner in the middle and tie securely with your extra string, then trim the excess.

Four- Twist the pipe cleaner to make it look like a pumpkin stem.