10/31 | How To Throw The Perfect Halloween Party

Halloween is upon us, and all of you out there that are wanting to throw a bomb Halloween party better check out this post! You don’t have to plan for months or spend hundreds of dollars planning a party. You just have to spend money on the right products and your party will fall into place. It’s not a science, you just need to know what guests like. Halloween parties especially need to have a creep factor in every corner of your house, so splurging on good decor can really make a difference. One thing I can tell you is that I have broken Halloween parties down into five simple areas that you can’t ignore if you want your party to be the best; Decorations, Lighting, Food, Music, and Games. If you want to learn more about How To Throw The Perfect Halloween Party, keep on reading!


Of course with any party decorations are important. They set the vibe and really show guests what they came for and the right decorations placed the right way can really transform your space. Did you know there were Halloween Mantle Scarves that give your mantle a haunted look? Little things like that you didn’t know existed, makes the difference in your parties spooky atmosphere. Check out some of these awesome Halloween Decorations you can buy right now.


Lighting is just as important as decor when it comes to setting a good vibe in your home. You want all the lights off, but enough creepy and colored lights to give an effect of making people keep looking over their shoulder while they mingle. No strobe lights or heavy black lights, but strategically placed string and projector lights can make a big difference, trust me. Below are some pretty neat lighting decor ideas you may not have thought about!


Of course, you can’t have a party without food, but you most certainly cannot have a Halloween party without spooky food. I guarantee you that your guests want to be wowed with the food you serve, and not only in taste but in the presentation. They want to see cupcakes wrapped in spider webs, hotdog zombie fingers, 3D skull ice cubes in their drinks, and a jello brain sitting on the table. The spookier the better. Here are some products to ensure your guests will be impressed with the effort you put into every detail.


Everyone loves music, and it’s great to have a DJ or someone who can feel what the guests are into and play songs that go well with the energy of the crowd. At the start of your party before the guests arrive it’s a great idea to have some mood music around the house to get your guests into the creepy Halloween spirit! I’ve got some cool products like this Spooky Electronic Talking Doorbell that will set the mood for a great party.


Games are super important to have on the back burner of every party, there, but not forced. Let everyone enjoy the food, music, and mingling and if you happen to notice things slowing down, turn everyone’s attention to the party glow sticks, the Best Costume Trophies, and all the party games. It’s sure to liven up the crowd and get everyone’s energy back up. Here are some awesome Halloween party games and prizes you won’t want to miss out on, and most of the games are inflatable which means you can blow them up and let the air back out for easy storage year after year.