10/31 | DIY Teen Craft Idea – Pop Tart Box

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean us teens have to stop crafting our cute colorful things and go to nothing but carving pumpkins and drinking cappuccinos. I love to still get inspired by cute and functional DIY teen room decor pieces for my room or dorm even in the fall, and I have a great project for you guys today. This DIY Teen Craft Idea – Pop Tart Box makes a great little storage box for your room or dorm. Keep snacks, jewelry, keys, whatever you’d like inside, and the outside looks so good you could almost take a bite. It’s the perfect way to store your small items in style and all of your friends will want to know how you made it.


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One- Paint the entire outside of the box in Burlap, and the inside of the box in Royal Fuchsia, allow to dry.

Two- With your pencil draw a wavy pattern on the top of your box around the sides just like on a Pop-Tart, in the area you want to paint your icing.

Three- Paint Inside your drawn icing section with Petal Pink, then once dry paint your one other pink line of icing in Royal Fushcia.

Four- With your colors Sweet Mint, Bright Yellow, Peacock Teal, and Purple Plum paint little sprinkles on the icing of your Pop Tart. Then With Honey Brown Paint little marks on all sides of the box like the grooves where the Pop-Tart has been sealed.

Five- Finally, once everything is dry take a paintbrush and your glossy Decou-Page and apply an even coat to the top to seal and add a glossy finish.