10/31 | DIY Jewelry Projects for Teens and Tweens

DIY Necklace from Staws 

This is perfect for back to school! This is a great way to have new jewelry, but not have to spend all that money. You can’t even tell this was made out of straws! If you use different colors for the triangles, you could wear this necklace with about anything.

DIY Seashell Earrings 

So who’s all going to the beach this summer? I know I am! So when you’re down by the water and collecting seashells don’t just go after the big mamma and daddy ones! The little ones need some love too! Just kidding but they are what you are going to need to make these awesome seashell earrings. I mean I guess you could try to make yours with big seashells, but it might be a little awkward to wear. LOL

DIY Paper Clip Necklace 

Woah, this is made out of paperclips? You must be kidding me! I would never have guessed it, but this is true… You’ll never guess what the other item is to create this, but you must check it out for yourself. This DIY is incredibly inexpensive and super simple, you must try this out!

DIY Washer Necklace

Are you missing summer as much as I am? Why not do a little summer DIY craft with some little kiddos? Towards the end of Christmas break, we all get bored. Instead of telling your kids to go clean their room (like my parents tell me) why not surprise them with this craft?

DIY Lucky Necklace

This is such a great way to get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. The good thing about these DIYs is they are for all ages. This would be a great craft to do in a classroom with friends, or even at home to make for gifts for friends and family. St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t get enough credit, but I think these little St. Patty’s Day Necklaces will shed some light on the shadowed day. Visit the link below to see how you can make these adorable necklaces for your Shamrock special occasion!

Carpet Triangle Necklace

Sometimes the most out of the ordinary crafts are my favorite. That definitely holds true with this Carpet Triangle necklace! It is literally made from a carpet sample from the home improvement store! I would have NEVER thought that carpet could be stylish, but it actually is!! I will for sure be making myself one, you should too! It makes me wonder what other out of the ordinary items would make cool jewelry as well!

Leather Cuff Bracelets

It is so much fun to match your friends! These DIY Leather Cuff Bracelets are the bomb! You and your friends should get together and make a bunch- it is fun and easy! Everyone can add their unique style, but you all with still have a matching fashion statement for the next time you hang out!

DIY Bracelet Organizer

I believe that every girl needs some type of jewelry box. Nothing is more aggravating than when you are looking for that one bracelet that would look so good with your outfit, but you just can’t find it. This DIY Bracelet Organizer is such a good way to get organized and stay organized. Also, this could be a great birthday gift or just a craft to do together on girls night. If you want to learn how to make this then follow the tutorial at the link below!

Driftwood Jewelry Stand

Are you tired of the plain boring jewelry boxes? I know I sure am. This DIY is practically free to make. It is so easy and definitely one of a kind.

Body Jewelry

a little funky this season? Tired of the boring old jewelry that everyone wears? Then get to making yourself some Body Jewelry. I especially like the and hand foot designs! It such a creative way to adorn yourself and be just a little bit different than usual. What color beads would you make yours out of?  Whatever color you choose I know you’ll look like a movie star!

DIY Jewelry Hanger

I don’t know about you, but I even lose my jewelry in a jewelry box. I feel like with this jewelry hanger I would never lose another piece of jewelry again. This makes it so simple to find what you are looking for and would look great enough to be a home decor item.


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