10/31 | DIY Googly Eye Pumpkin | No-Carve Pumpkin Idea

I feel like I a little late on the Halloween decorating, are you all decorated already? I just whipped up a few simple decorations and thought that I should share them just in case any of you are like me and barely started and need some inspiration. I decided to make a cute little DIY googly eye pumpkin which is an easy no-carve pumpkin idea! I love how fast it came together.

All you will need to make this DIY Googly Eye Pumpkin project is, you guessed it, Googly Eyes and a Pumpkin! I got these super cute googly eye stickers with eyelashes because I thought that they were more girly and less spooky. This pumpkin idea actually was inspired by a pillow that I saw at Urban Outfitters not to look ago that just had a bunch of eyes on it. I opted for a black pumpkin so that there would be a lot of contrast between the eyes and the pumpkin, but you can use whatever color you would like.

And then you just cover the whole thing with the googly eye stickers trying to get them to be equally spaced but don’t worry too much about that. It will look great no matter what!

Here it is in all of its glory and chilling with its buddy, my patch pumpkin! What a cute couple they make. I am all about the nontraditional Halloween decorations if you can’t tell. I mean Orange and Black definitely have there place like at the awesome Halloween party that I am going to throw. It is fun to mix it up and go against the grain sometimes!