10/31 | DIY Patch Pumpkin

My new moto- put a patch on it! A patch doesn’ have to just be a temporary fix, they are now considered a statement of style and I am 110% in support. It is so hard to contain myself at a store with patches for sale. I just want to buy them all and often times I do end up buying a few. I don’t feel entirely too bad though because I actually use them like on this adorable DIY Patch Pumpkin or the Patch Laptop case that I made a while back!

Guess what! For this pumpkin idea, you only need two things: a (small & fake) pumpkin and a patch. If your patch isn’t adhesive backed, you will also need some glue.

Sticky patches are super cool and convenient. I didn’t need a drop of glue and I didn’t make a mess at all!

All you need to do is stick that patch right in the middle of the pumpkin and WALAH!

Here she is with her buddy, Mr. Googly Eye Pumpkin! They make such a cute couple. I am in love with both of these non-traditional and No-carve pumpkin ideas!