10/31 | DIY Snow Globe

This is not your average snow globe. This is a super cute, stylish, unique, and colorful DIY Snow Globe that was so fun to make and it turned out amazing. With Christmas coming up fast I thought it was about time that we created some cute Christmas crafts just like this one. This project was so fun and it’s definitely a conversation piece. Everyone loves the wood slab base, the colorful trees, and the fact that there’s no water and no mess! If you’re looking for a great DIY Christmas gift idea for your friends and family this DIY Snow Globe would be a hit.

Here is what you will need to make your own DIY Snow Globe:

-6 inch wood slice
-6 inch glass globe vase
-small bottle brush trees
– hot glue gun
-fake snow
– spray paint (optional) 
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Step One: Spray paint the little bottle brush trees in whatever color you want! I am loving non-traditional colors for Christmas this year. I think they would also look really cool painted gold, don’t you? Then arrange the trees in the middle of your wood slice. Double check that they will all fit once the globe is placed on top of them.

Step Two: Using a little bit of hot glue, attach the trees to the wood slice.

Step Three: Fill your glass globe vase with about 1 inch of fake snow.

Step Four: Add a line of glue all around the rim of the glass dome. Work quickly so that the glue doesn’t dry before you get to the next step.

Step Five: Pick up the wood slice with the trees attached and place it on top of the globe vase so that all the trees are inside of the dome. Hold them together till the glue has hardened.

Wasn’t that so much easier than you thought? You can use your favorite colors to really personalize it and make it your own, and It’s so simple anyone can make it. You could even have a snow globe making party for the holidays at your house with some friends, how fun would that be?! I hope you all enjoyed this post, happy crafting.