11/30 | Teen Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas will be here before we know it and I can honestly say that I am so ready to make some adorable Christmas crafts this season. Every year it seems like I want to do more holiday crafts whether they’re simple DIY ornament ideas or big Christmas projects. Today I’m going to show you a ton of fun Teen Christmas Craft Ideas perfect to kick off your holiday season and really get into the spirit of Christmas. You’re going to love all of these DIY Christmas projects, so let’s get started!

DIY Christmas Jar Candle

This DIY Christmas Jar Candle idea is the perfect personal gift for your loved ones! Who wouldn’t love a nice hand painted candle that burned with one of their favorite holiday scents? I know I would appreciate how much thought went into such a unique gift. Don’t get overwhelmed by the process, I promise it’s not nearly as hard as you may think, I actually find it quite relaxing!

Check Out How To Make Your Own DIY Snow Globe!
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  • Sixteen Ounce Jar
  • Four Cups Soy Wax Flakes (Thirty-Two Ounces)
  • Two Ounces Peppermint Fragrance Oil
  • Waxed Candle Wick
  • Single Stove Burner
  • Large Pot
  • Large Glass Measuring Bowl
  • Twine String
  • Color Of Your choice Chalky Finish Paint
  • Acrylic Paint In White, Black, Pink, and Orange
  • Paintbrushes/ Large Pouncer


Step 1- On medium-high heat place your glass measuring cup into the large pot and fill the pot with water. Add your four cups of wax flakes to the measuring cup and allow to melt.

Step 2- While your wax is melting, paint your mason jar in your chalky finish color, then allow to dry. Then with your large pouncer create the head of the snowman with white paint on the bottom of the jar, and while still wet add rosy cheeks with the same pouncer and pink paint. Allow to dry.

Step 3- Now add a big carrot nose on the top of the snowman, and a nice dot smile with the black paint. Now paint a snowflake above the snowman’s head and dot snowflakes all around the jar. Allow to dry.

Step 4- Once your wax has melted remove it from the heat and let it cool down a bit before adding your fragrance oil. Take a small spoon of wax and drip it into the bottom of your jar and secure the wick onto the hardening wax. Once you’ve poured your oil into the wax, give it a quick stir and slowly pour it into the jar, using a clothespin if needed to secure the wick.

Step 5- Allow the candle to harden for several hours then tie a twine bow around the top of the jar and display in your home or wrap as great personal gifts!

Rustic Christmas Star Decor

This tutorial I found looks so fun and stylish for my home. Its Rustic Christmas Star Decor and I think it’s gorgeous! I love anything rustic, and this project idea ties in holiday decor and the rustic feel so it’s the best of both worlds. The tutorial doesn’t look too hard but if you’re younger you’ll need adults help with the wood and screws. You can click the link below to find this great tutorial on how to make this Rustic Christmas Star Decor for yourself!

Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

No one likes paying big prices for holiday decor, which is why we DIY! I say all the time how plastic spoons are underappreciated in the crafting community, so I love featuring great DIY craft ideas like this to give credit to the undervalued utensil! These adorable plastic spoon trees make great centerpieces for your dining room table or set them next to your fireplace. Anywhere you place them, they’re sure to look great! this Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree is simple, cheap, and easy to make! Hit the link below to find out how to make your own!

Christmas Treat Cups

Kids and adults of all ages will love this life hack! It’s perfect for all of your holiday parties and get-togethers, and they’re simple and easy to create! Okay, I know everyone throws a holiday party, and whether you need a neat craft to make during your party or you want these cute little gifts ready to go as unique favors, look no further! This tutorial I found is for totally adorable Christmas Treat Cups that are now a must for your holiday functions! They’ve made reindeer, snowmen, and a Santa themed ones! you can get inspired and create a ton more ideas on how to decorate and display them, too.

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

No one likes boring holiday decor, and this tutorial is far from boring! Take an old pallet and recycle it into this amazing piece of decor that displays your holiday spirit beautifully. Place it on your front porch for everyone to see or even inside your home for a fun and unique decor piece. It’s a simple idea that looks amazing once it’s finished. Add lights and staple them to the piece and a bow on top to complete the classic Christmas Tree look!

14 Ways To Dress Up Your Candles For Christmas

Candles are so wonderful. I can’t even count how many candles I have just in my room. Not only do they smell good, but they also are so beautiful for home decor. Why buy new holiday candles, when you can just spice your regular ones up for the holidays? These tips and tricks are so easy and look so beautiful.

Quick Christmas Tags

Need a quick but cute way to label your presents this gift-giving season? Look no further! These quick Christmas tags made out of paint chips could not be easier! The supplies are very basic too. Get the kids involved with this and have some holiday fun!  And they will look super attached to all the gifts under your tree!

Paper Roll Christmas Tree Decor

With Christmas coming up there are tons of craft ideas for kids to DIY. This gives them the chance to learn about Christmas and get involved. Also, who wouldn’t love this cute decor to hang up in their living room?

DIY Fringe Christmas Trees

You can’t go wrong with these fringe Christmas trees. They are simple and super cute. You can customize them any way you want! Christmas is just around the corner and it’s about time to start decorating.

DIY Lighted Christmas Canvas

This awesome DIY Lighted Christmas Canvas looks super nice and expensive but it’s actually great on the wallet! It’s so easy to make your own holiday decor and its neat to have one of a kind piece around your home! For this project they used a “Believe” sticker, however, i’m all for free handing your beautiful word onto the canvas, whatever you’d rather do! They used a simple sharpie to create the snowflakes, and cheap Christmas lights to poke through and illuminate the piece. This would be a great holiday craft for all ages, and a neat Christmas gift idea! No matter, what it’ll turn out great.

Recycled Giant Christmas Yard Ornaments

Outdoor Christmas decor has sort of became pretty basic and cookie cutter. Lights on the house and bushes, maybe some lighted deer or blow up figures, but haven’t we all seen that stuff a million times? DIY Christmas Decor is a great way to make one of a kind piece perfect for your outdoor decor. This tutorial I found is pretty darn cool because it recycles old tires into Giant Christmas Ornaments! Make them with any design you want, any color you want. This idea is definitely not cookie cutter and is very unique. People will stop and stare at your creative work.

DIY Washi Tape Christmas Tags

Don’t we all just love washi tape? Here’s a great DIY idea to spice up your gift giving by using the beloved washi tape! Christmas is only 3 weeks away, so it will be here before we know it. Times cracking down, so get to DIYing.

DIY Snowman Cookie Platter

This DIY Snowman Cookie Plate is so cute and will get you in the Christmas spirit. The good thing is you have to eat all the cookies to get to the cute snowman at the bottom, not to mention the fun of baking the cookies, too! Make this plate for yourself or for a family member that you know loves to bake and would benefit from your great DIY gift!

DIY Christmas Countdown

Now that Thanksgiving is over I think everyone is so excited for Christmas that they can hardly stand it. Why not control your excitement with this DIY Christmas Countdown marquee sign? Maybe Christmas will come a little faster when you count down every day, don’t you think? Kids especially love to keep track of things and it helps them look forward to the days counting down to when Santa arrives! It’s a fun and unique project that makes the holidays just a bit more fun.

DIY Christmas Canvas Art

This week for Sizzix Teen Craft, we’re using some new shapes in the Eshape Store. It is a lot of fun and you will learn a whole bunch in this video if you’re new to the eClips. This amazing DIY canvas is really easy to create. You won’t believe how fun it is. My favorite part is working with the garland.

DIY Christmas JOY Sign

How much do you think it would cost for a sign like this? You can DIY this at home for less than $15! This would look great on top of the fireplace or piano in the living room. This is defiantly a beautiful Christmas decoration, and you have to make it for yourself or as a gift for your friends and family! This tutorial for a DIY Christmas Joy Sign is the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit with the people you love helping you make it!