11/30 | DIY Cake Stand for Christmas

With Christmas coming up I thought it would be a great idea to create some fun and unique DIY Christmas crafts that weren’t exactly the classic Christmas colors. Too often you see things in the store for holiday home decor that is red and green, and that’s about it because those are the classic Christmas colors. I wanted to change that and show you guys a holiday project with some fun colors that will pop, while still giving your home that holiday feel. I’ll show you how we made this DIY Cake Stand for Christmas with non-traditional colors, that turned out so great. It will be perfect do display desserts for your Christmas party or get-together.

Here is what you will need to make your own DIY cake stand for Christmas this year:

– 3 paper mache cones
– hot glue gun
– acrylic paint (red, pink, light blue, & white)
– paint brushes
– plain light blue or white plastic plate

Step One: Paint 1 paper mache cone with blue acrylic paint, 1 with red, and one with pink.

Step Two: Using the cheapest paint brush you can find, get splatter-happy! You want little splatter dots that look like snow ideally. I think it also looks really cool if most of the splatters are at the top of the trees. (TBH I made a huge mess in this process! I would definitely recommend you go outside for this step!)

Step Three: Arrange the painted cones pretty close together in a triangle format. Then place a good size glob of hot glue on the tops of all three cones.

Step Four: Before the hot glue dries, place the plastic plate on top with the cones in the center of it.

Wasn’t this the cutest holiday DIY ever? So non-traditional but perfect for modern holiday decor. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will make this for your home this Christmas! You can use any colors you want to compliment your homes’ style to really show your personality. Christmas crafts don’t have to be boring red and green!