11/30 | Cricut Christmas Gift Idea For Teens

Everyone knows us teens can be a bit hard to shop or make gifts for, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! I love making and receiving homemade gifts I know people put a lot of time and effort into making for me. There’s just something special about a gift you know has been made with love. Today I’m going to show you a tutorial for this Cricut Christmas Gift Idea For Teens that’s perfect for the holidays that any teen would love! We made a witty t-shirt that was a big hit, and you can use the Cricut Maker to create any design you want to really personalize it as well!


NOTE: Make sure you pre-wash your T-Shirts before applying Iron-On! Because shirts that have a high percentage of cotton shrink, your iron on will distort if you do not pre-shrink your shirts before applying.

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One- Unroll your iron on and place it SHINY SIDE DOWN onto the mat, since iron-on has transfer paper already on it, you need to be sure you’re sticking it the right way on the mat. Once you’ve done that make sure you’ve mirrored your chosen image in Cricut Design Space and let the Cricut Maker do all the work!

Two- With your weeding tools take your time and weed the excess off of your design. Now is also a great time to look at your EasyPress heat chart and preheat yours so it will be ready to go when you’re done weeding. Because we chose Glitter iron-on it will take some more patience to work with weeding the more difficult material, but it’s SO worth it to see the glittery letters on the shirt.

Three- Now be sure you have a towel on your work surface to absorb the heat from your EasyPress, then lay your shirt directly on your towel. Remove your design from the cutting mat and center it where you’d like it to be on your shirt, then once you know from your chart how many seconds to heat the design all you have to do is press the button and apply pressure.

Four- Let your shirt cool for a minute or two before slowly peeling off the transfer paper, revealing your beautiful glittery shirt that makes the perfect Homemade Christmas Gift Idea For Teens!