11/30 | 3 Christmas Stocking Crafts

Christmas is almost here and I can’t wait for all that comes along with it. I love making Christmas crafts for me and my family during the holiday season, it really gets me in the spirit of Christmas and I love seeing peoples faces when I made something for them that I know they really love. Today I want to show you three different tutorials for 3 Christmas Stocking Crafts that will take your stocking game to the next level. One is for a stocking holder, another is for a no-sew stenciled stocking that looks so cute, and the last one is for a DIY stocking made out of a T-shirt. You won’t want to miss these tutorials, check them out at the links below.

Rustic DIY Stocking Holder

I love making DIY Christmas crafts for myself, and my friends and family! They’re so fun to make and most of them don’t cost a lot to create and they turn out amazing. I have so much fun making them, and I love choosing a project that is both pretty and practical. In the spirit of that I came across this great tutorial for this Rustic DIY Stocking Holder, and its perfect for the season and you can personalize it with any stencil or name you want.

DIY No-Sew Stenciled Stockings

These are so perfect to DIY if you aren’t that into sewing or if you don’t know how. These don’t have to be just for looks, these are perfect to hang on the fireplace for the holiday season.

T-Shirt Christmas Stockings

Have you ever wanted to make a DIY T-Shirt Christmas Stockings? I Know I always love to create DIY Christmas decorations for around our house and thought you would too. I found this fantastic tutorial from my great friend Crafty Chica! She shares a fantastic tutorial. I know I want to take some Tie Dyed shirts and create some fun stockings. You could even make these as gifts for your family and customize them.

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