12/31 | DIY Christmas Craft – Easy Christmas Ornament

Christmas is so close I can almost smell the holiday tea my grandmother makes and hear the sound of my entire family together enjoying the season celebrating Christs’ birth. I love creating fun and unique holiday DIYs this time of year as well to really put myself into the holiday spirit and make things that can be used as decorations in the house. This craft that I’m going to share with you today is perfect for all ages and was so fun to create. This DIY Christmas Craft – Easy Christmas Ornament was made from peppermint candy, and it was so fun to make.


One- Lay your metal cookie cutters on your lined baking sheet and spray your cookie cutters well with oil spray. Unwrap your candies and lay as many whole ones as you can in your cookie cutters.

Two- Use scissors, a hammer, or whatever you have to smash more candies and fill in the larger spaces in your cookie cutters.

Three- With your oven on 350 degrees let them bake just until the candies have melted and filled in all the gaps. Once it’s out of the oven let it cool only for a minute or two before taking your skewer (sprayed with oil spray) and poking a hole where you want your ribbon to go. Allow them to cool completely.

Four- Once you gently remove the ornament from the cookie cutter, take your ribbon and tie a loop where you can hang it on your tree, and enjoy your Easy Christmas Ornament!