12/31 | DIY Furniture

Furniture can be expensive, and unless you know exactly what you’re looking for you won’t find what you need at the store. Most of the time when I get stuck in a situation like that I decide to use my crafty powers! I love to DIY all I can, and when I need a piece of furniture, I always opt for making it myself. Today I want to show you these great DIY Furniture projects that you can make in no time. Most of these projects are made with 2×4’s which is simpler than you think! I hope you enjoy these cool furniture ideas you can make on your own.

1.Rolling Rustic Wood Dresser

2.2 X 4 Stocking Hangers

3.Phone Charging Station

4.Sawhorse Plans

5. 2×4 Bench And Side Table

6.Modern Nightstand

7.A Cheap And Sturdy Workbench

8.Planter Box Centerpiece 

9.Funky Modern Lamp

10.DIY Furniture

11.$30 DIY Kitchen Island

12.How to Make a Table Using a Log and Old Chair Legs

I love all of these fun DIY Furniture ideas that can really add value, style, and personality to your home. One thing I love about wood projects like these is the fact that once you’re done building it, you can paint it or stain it any color you’d like to match your space. Some people would rather find their furniture and pay crazy amounts for it, or you could make it yourself and have a one-of-a-kind piece you can’t find anywhere else. I hope you enjoyed this roundup and got inspired to make your own furniture too!