12/31 | Holiday Gift Making Party

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pagoda®. The opinions and text are all mine.

My absolute favorite part of the holiday season is the GIFTS- not receiving them, but giving them! Nothing brings me greater joy than to give someone I love a hand wrapped package with something meaningful and personal inside of it. I am positive that feeling alone is why this time of the year is called magical. The downfall? I have so many people who I love and care about and I want to give gifts to, which can get very expensive. That’s why my friends and I started the tradition of having a holiday gift making party! Before the crazy holiday season starts, we have our first holiday party. We party hard by spending the night making lots of DIY gifts for the special people in our lives.

I love this tradition for a lot of reasons. The first being that I get to hang out with my besties and craft! It is so fun and I literally look forward to this night all year long! Second, we save so much money by DIYing and not BUYing. This is honestly the only reason I am able to give so many presents. You should totally try it out if you haven’t made DIY holiday gifts before!

Another thing that is so great about this holiday gift making party is that we get it ALL DONE! You heard me right, no frantic last minute shopping for gifts or supplies! I hate fighting the crowds to find a parking spot or waiting in the checkout lines for hours. There is no holiday spirit there. So instead, we get the gifts out of the way, that way we can focus on quality time and gift GIVING during the festive season. What would you do instead, if you didn’t have any last minute gifts to pick out?

One of the best parts of the party this year was the food! Asian food is not the expected thing to serve at a holiday party. It is so good though, so why not? I picked up a few different options of Pagoda® Snacks in the freezer aisle of my Publix store. I got the Pagoda Pork Potstickers and Pagoda Chicken Egg Rolls for my guests to enjoy. You really need to fuel your body so the creative juices can run while you create! Pagoda’s unexpectedly delicious Egg Rolls were the perfect get-together snack. Everything took only 20 minutes to prep and heat which I thought was great. This meant I didn’t have to miss much of the conversation or action while I was in the kitchen.

Not only did my guests say that they tasted amazing, but I felt good about serving them because Pagoda Snacks are made with fresh-cut veggies, from-scratch wrappers, and 100% white meat chicken. Pagoda Snacks satisfied our Asian food cravings without any of the bad stuff. Inside the box, there is even a package of Sweet Chili Sauce that was a great dip and made the snacks even more delicious. BEST PART? You can save $1 on Pagoda products at Publix with this digital coupon: https://www.publix.com/savings/coupons/digital-coupons.
Grab a few packages from the freezer aisle of your Publix to serve at your holiday gift making party or your family holiday get-together! They are sure to be a crowd pleaser! Now look at this super adorable little frame I whipped up for a couple of my friends! I printed out photos to make them even more personalized. This one is for one of my dog loving friends; I just know she is going to love it!