12/31 | DIY Christmas Tree Topper

I know Halloween isn’t even here yet but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to get a head start on our Christmas decor. I love making fun and unique DIY Christmas crafts that I can use for years to come. Ones that save us money compared to department store prices without having to sacrifice style in the process. This DIY Christmas Tree Topper tutorial is so simple and I made it in an afternoon for less than $15. You can paint it any color to match your home’s style. Gold, Silver, Red, any color would look beautiful. If you want to make your own just keep on reading.


One- Glue your PVC pipe onto your styrofoam ball and allow it to dry completely.

Two- Take your skewers, and if they’re super long cut them in half. Insert them firmly all over the styrofoam ball, and glue the ones that aren’t secure.

Three- Take your topper outside and spray paint the entire thing, making sure to get in between all of the skewers. You may have to wait until it dries and add another coat to add better color.

Four- Once dry simply place on top of your tree and enjoy your great DIY Christmas Tree Topper!

Wasn’t this a fun and easy DIY? Don’t pay too much money for expensive tree toppers that everyone has. DIY a one of a kind tree topper that all your friends and family will love.