12/31 | DIY Snowman Crafts

Christmas is coming up fast, and that means it’s time to craft for the holidays. Not only should you DIY some holiday home decor but it’s also a great time to save money and make some of your family and friends’ gifts. Today I want to share with you some simple and adorable DIY Snowman Crafts that you’ll be dying to make. From jar cozies to a cute little snowman key family, you’re sure to love these cute DIY ideas.

DIY Snowman Crafts

DIY Paper Plate Snowman Mask

Christmas is coming up and today I’ll share a great kids craft that is perfect for parties, quick, and easy to make. It’s a DIY Paper Plate Snowman Mask,  that requires minimal supplies most of which you could find laying around your home! Keep the kids occupied this holiday season with this fun craft they can create and personalize all on their own! I’ll show you how below.


Paper Plates | Large Red Popsicle Sticks | Red Felt Sheet | Black Construction Paper | Multi Colored Pom Poms | Scissors | Craft Knife | All Purpose Glue |


Step 1- Take your paper plate and cut out the middle, then cut out the base of your snowman hat from your construction paper.

Step 2- Cut a strip of felt about an inch wide, and one inch longer than the length of the top of your snowman hat, so the edges can wrap around the back. Glue the felt around your hat and glue three pompoms in a cluster on the top corner of the felt strip. Allow to dry.

Step 3- Now glue the hat onto the top of the plate, and glue a red Popsicle stick onto the bottom of the plate. Allow to dry.

Step 4- For added support glue an additional popsicle stick on the back from the tip of the hat down to the paper plate. Once dry kids can draw, paint, add glitter, whatever they please!

DIY Terra Cotta Snowman

I love easy and unique holiday crafts that I can give to my friends and family as gifts and know they’ll love them! projects like this fun DIY Terra Cotta Snowman are exactly what I mean. Adults, as well as kids, will enjoy making their own snowmen decor! Show your style in the way you decorate yours, so get creative! I’ll show you how to make it below!


Small Terra Cotta Pots | Acrylic Paint In White, Black, Orange, and Pink | Paint Brushes | Small Pouncer | Large Multi-Colored Pom Poms and Pipe Cleaners | All Purpose Glue |


Step 1- Turn your terra cotta pot upside down and apply a few coats of the white paint onto the pot and allow to dry.

Step 2- Now paint rosy cheeks with your pouncer and allow to dry. Then paint eyes, a mouth, and a carrot nose to give your snowman life!

Step 3- Once dry, cut and glue a piece of pipe cleaner from one side of the pot to the other, being the top of your earmuffs. After that, glue two large pom poms onto either side over the pipe cleaner, and once dry display your adorable DIY Terra Cotta Snowman for everyone to see!

DIY Snowman Key Family

With the holiday season right around the corner, I have an adorable and quite unique Christmas project idea that people will go nuts over! It’s for this super cute DIY Snowman Key Family that you can make in half an hour. These can be hung all around your home, given as gifts, as a keychain, or hang on your tree as ornaments! Whatever you choose to do with your snowman family will be a hit. I’ll show you how to make them below!


Uncut Keys | Acrylic Paint In White, Black, Pink, and Orange | Assorted Pipe Cleaners | Small Pom Poms | Paintbrushes/Pouncers | All Purpose Glue | Thin Wire | Pony Beads |


Step 1- Paint your keys white, and while still wet add rosy cheeks with pink paint and a pounce on a few of your keys. Once dry paint eyes, mouths, and carrot noses on all the snowmen. Allow to dry.

Step 2- Now, take small pieces of pipe cleaner and glue around the top of the keys from one side to the other creating the tops of the earmuffs. Once dry, glue pom poms on either side of the keys, and with pieces of pipe cleaner bend and twist them around the bottom of the keys as their scarves.

Step 3- If making them a keychain or an ornament, take a piece of your wire and pony beads and create a loop and twist the ends to secure it. Now give them to your friends and family and display for the holidays!

Personalized Snowman Mugs

How cute are these personalized snowman mugs!? I just love um! There can’t possibly be a better way to drink hot cocoa after coming in from playing out in the snow! They take less than 15 minutes to make, and would make a great gift! it would be especially great for the people in your life that have a unique name and can never find their name on anything.

Tin Can Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? Well, this simple project is so adorable and easy to make! It really gives the feel of Christmas. Especially, if it hardly ever snows where you live. This DIY is perfect for about anyone who loves snowmen!

Snowman Gift in a Jar

Do you have that one friend that is so hard to shop for? It’s like you can never find anything you think they would like. With this Snowman Gift in a Jar, you can’t go wrong. Just stuff it full of their favorite hot drink mixes, and they will be sure to love it!

Snowman Jar Cozy

Christmas is the time for crafting and fun! So go get inspired by tons of holiday craft ideas that you can create this season. Don’t get overwhelmed and make Christmas projects that don’t fit your needs, so you need to pick and choose the projects you create! I have to say if you are keeping a list put this one on it! I’m all for removing your decor and replacing it with holiday-themed items but why not save some time and just revamp your normal decor! Here is a great example of a project tutorial that you can slip right over your jars or vases in your home to transform them into adorable Snowmen Cozies! Go see how you can make your own!