12/31 | DIY Christmas Tree Pillow | DIY Christmas Decorations

Talk about a super fun and creative holiday DIY! This project is perfect for everyone of any age and you can personalize it to your style or match the colors in your space. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on gifts for your friends and family the best way is to make some wonderful homemade DIY gifts. This is a great DIY Christmas Tree Pillow | DIY Christmas Decorations perfect for anyone on your list. This cute pillow would look wonderful anywhere in your home or on your bed for the holiday season.

Here is what you will need to make your own DIY Christmas Tree Pillow- DIY Christmas Decorations:

  • green fleece fabric
  • brightly colored pom poms
  • star patch
  • stuffing
  • scissors sewing machine

Step One: Cut two triangles out of the green fleece the size that you want your pillow to be.

Step Two: Place the fleece right sides together and sew around all three sides but leave a gap of about 3 to 4 inches at the bottom.

Step Three: Flip the pillow right side out using the hole that you left and stuff it! Then sew the hole closed.

Step Four: Hot glue the star patch to the top corner of the pillow.

Step Five: Hot glue the pom poms all over the pillow. If you have pom poms of different sizes, I would recommend putting the smaller ones near the top.

Wasn’t this tutorial great for a DIY Christmas gift idea? I think it turned out great, and like I said you can personalize it with any color of pom poms you want to match your space. You could even use the pom pom colors of your favorite sports team to give as gifts as well! It’s not very hard to make and you can create a bunch in a day and bang out gifts for a few of your friends.