12/31 | Calendars That Work

Hey everyone, I hope your day is going so well. Christmas is almost here, and the new year will be here before we know it! If you’re anything like me you always start the year off wanting to be organized well for the year to come, but find it too tedious and stop mid-year. I want to share with you guys a few Calendars That Work for everyone and some great tips and tricks I’ve learned throughout my organizational journey. I hope these Ideas can help you all keep up the good work through the year and motivate you not to stop being so organized. An organized life is a happy life!


Planners are a great way to stay organized on the go, without using your phone. Not only do they contain calendars but they also have plenty of note space to jot down your daily activities, appointments, and events you don’t want to miss. Planners are great for people who like to physically write things down, and for me writing it down myself actually helps me remember it better. Also, at the end of the year it’s nice to go through a physical book instead of your phone to see what you’ve done through the year, it’s kind of like a keepsake.

Paper Calendars

Some people can stay better organized with a simple classic calendar in their home. On these there arent any margins for notes but for some people, writing down short bullet points in the dates is all they need for an organized life, and go them. One thing I Do love about classic calendars is that if you have it hanging in your room or dorm and forget what day it is, you can just look up instead of trying to find your phone or asking Siri, like many of us do. They’re pretty convenient for the most part. Plus, you can get calendars in all different designs, so you can really find one personalized to you, and I like that.


Everyone has a phone nowadays, so it’s just natural to pull it out and add your appointments to the calendar on your device, but sometimes that just doesn’t work well for everyone. There is a multitude of apps designed to keep you organized day to day. There are even apps that remind you to drink water, oh what a world we live in. Anyways, sometimes you need more than the preset calendar on your phone, so go to your app store and find one with all the bells and whistles you need to stay on top of your tasks and reminders.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are another classic way to keep your life together. Instead of just jotting down all of your todo’s on a big board, you can actually get pins and add your doctors note, your little daily to-do lists, all your physical documents that help you remember where you need to be. They can be very structured like any other calendar, but the fact that you can add your papers to it is a fun spin on the usual way to organize.


Journals are easily the most fun and creative way to keep up with life, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. On the same page in your journal, you could have your to-do list, a few future appointments, and a description of how cute you think your co-worker is. They’re messy, but they work. For people with specific personalities, you can stay organized perfectly well using this journaling method.