12/31 | DIY Lamp Ideas for Teen Bedrooms

I can’t speak for all teens, but I personally love little lamps in my room. I love the light they give off. If you’re anything like me then you also love to DIY! The great thing about making your own room decor is that you save so much money, and you also get to say that you have a one of a kind piece that no one else has. Us teens usually don’t have that much money anyway, so it’s great when we get creative on a lazy afternoon and end up making something incredible. I hope you enjoy these great DIY Lamp Ideas for Teen Bedrooms!

DIY Doily Lamp

Beautiful Cloth Chandelier

DIY Hula Hoop Chandelier

Fun Action Figure Lamp Tutorial

Copycat Marquee Flamingo Light

Cute Tin Can Lamp

DIY Oragomi Lamp Shade

DIY Cloud Lights

Fun Spoon Pineapple Lamp Tutorial

Recycled Cardboard Pendant Light

DIY Copper Lighted Wreaths

Make Your Own Lava Lamp

Ping Pong Ball String Lights

DIY Flameless Fire Pit

Aren’t these ideas so cute? I love the flameless fire pit, I think it’s such a neat idea, plus with the branches wrapped in lace, it looks really pretty. That action figure lamp is perfect for a boys bedroom, too. I hope you all got inspired to make some wonderful lamps for your room!