12/31 | Craft Products You Need

If you craft, then you need to read this. All too often I walk into my craft room with a creative mind ready to make something great, then I realize I don’t have everything I need to make a certain project. Part of being a well-equipped crafter is having all the essentials on hand, and lots of products to make sure you’re ready to craft at any moment. I’m not talking about a fully stocked craft room with everything you could imagine, but having all the best Craft Products You Need at your fingertips, it makes life so much easier. Enjoy this post chocked full of great craft products.

Assorted Washi Tape

Assorted Color Felt Sheets

Large Roll Of Twine (You’d Be Surprised How Much We Use)

500 Sheets Of Multi-Colored Construction Paper

Set Of Mason Jars

Assorted Sharpies

Chalky Finish Paints (Gives The Best Finished Look)

Assorted Paint Brushes

Tie Dye Kit

200 Count Mini Paper Plates (Great For Paint)

Good Scissors


Hot Glue Gun (Get LOTS of Extra Sticks)

Cricut Maker

Plain Tee Shirts (Great For Tie Dye and Ironing On Designs)

Air-Dry Clay

X-ACTO Knife

Assorted Duck Tape (We Use This Almost Daily)

Stretched Canvases

Silk Sponges

Painter’s Tape (Great For All Kinds Of Painting Projects)

Mod Podge

4×4 Ceramic Tiles

Self-Healing Cutting Mat

50 Piece Assorted Fabric

Good Iron (No Really, You’ll Need It)


Nitrile Gloves (Ideal When Painting, Staining, Or Mixing Resin)

Plywood Sheets

Minwax Stain In Jacobean


I know some of you may be thinking that some of these products are out of the ordinary but I promise once you have them in your craft room you won’t know how you lived without them so long. I hope you all are inspired to get crafting and to purchase some of these must-have crafting essentials.