1/31 | DIY Paper Lamp

I am all for saving money! I am the kind of girl who picks pennies up off the street and buys the store brand instead of name brands for most things! There is no shame in my money saving game! One of my favorite areas to save money in is home decor. So when I found myself in need of a light for my workspace, I was not about to drop a bunch of cash. But I was in a little bit of a pickle because I wanted a really cool and modern light that matched my bright white aesthetic. So basically thrifting was out which is how I landed on making a DIY lamp and not just any kind of lamp but a DIY paper lamp! Yup- crazy I know but bear with me and let me show you how!

Here is what you will need to make a DIY paper lamp for your space:

  • posterboard,
  • marble contact paper
  • lighting kit
  • large circular serving tray
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • adhesive

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Step One: Cover the poster board with marle contact paper! You know I cannot like without this stuff! Example A, example B, example C

Step Two: Trace the large circular serving tray onto the marble contact paper covered poster.

Step Three: Cut out the circle using your scissors.

Step Three: Fold the circle with the pain sides together in half like a taco.

Step Four: Unfold that fold and fold it in half again perpendicularly.

Step Five: Cut along one of the fold lines but only till you reach the center.

Step Six: Then take the cut edge and fold it inwards so it aligns with the next fold line.

Step Seven: Create another fold that divides the last one in half.

Step: Eight: Continue folding in the manner all the way around the circle.

Step Nine: Place the lighting kit in with the lightbulb part inside and the cord on the outside.

Step Ten: Adhere the flaps on either side of the cut line to each other with right sides together.

And there it is! A beautiful new pendant lamp for my desk area! I am literally so in love with the DIY paper lamp and maybe even more in love with it’s price at just under $5! You can make them too- trust me it is so easy!