1/31 | 10 Great Reasons To Buy a Cricut Maker

If you’re a crafter, you really should have a Cricut Maker in your home. Or better still, buy one now and you’ll be way ahead of the game when it comes to your crafting. Just think of all the gifts and decorations you can whip up and in much less time! Here are 10 Great Reasons to Buy a Cricut Maker.

Interchangeable Blades

Want to do some sewing, quilting, paper, craft foam, balsa wood, felt, foil, burlap, cardstock, cereal box, corrugated cardboard, grocery bag, or a bazillion (okay, slight exaggeration) other projects? One of the things that sets the new Cricut Maker apart from other cutting machines is that it has several interchangeable blades. This machine can handle so much!

Free Projects

You even get 50 free projects along with your Cricut Maker. This includes sewing patterns, iron-ons, vinyl decals, and more.

Removable Fabric Marker

Do a lot of sewing? Or maybe you wish you could do a lot of sewing? This is the machine for you. It takes away the hard (and tedious) parts of sewing projects so you can get down to the fun part faster. It has a removable fabric marker that traces all of the seam allowances for you!

Sewing Patterns and Quilting Kits

Cricut is joining up with Simplicity and Riley Blake Designs to bring us over 200 patterns and quilting kits all ready to go on the Cricut Maker. Just go into the Design Space, choose your pattern, and you’re ready to go! It takes only about 15 minutes to cut a pattern.

Personal Patterns and Fonts

Want to use your own pattern? Or how about adding your own fonts? You can do that too. Just upload it to the Cricut Maker!


This machine makes crafting so much more accessible to everyone. Have you been sidelined by an illness or injury? The machine takes over some of the tasks that have been made more difficult and can bring you back to the hobby you love.

Long-Range Usage

The ability to interchange blades gives this cutting machine long-range usage – meaning you can upgrade by buying new blades instead of a whole new machine.

Adaptive Tool System

The Cricut Maker has an adaptive tool system that allows it to cut with more power than previous machines.

Ease Of Use

The machine is so simple to use. To open the Cricut Maker, simply lift the lid. No more physical cartridges are needed – the system is digital.


We find the Cricut Maker to be the most versatile crafting machine on the market. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves to craft.

Forget about that pile of “work in progress” projects silently mocking you!  With the Cricut Maker cutting machine, you can make so much more, so much faster than ever before. It can take care of the boring stuff and leave you with more time to actually be creative and have fun. Cricut Maker can bring the joy back to your handmade creations. We also have a NEW Design Space class that you can register for here: https://goo.gl/pzZ33X. If you’re also interested in a great Cricut Maker eCourse, check it out and register here: http://bit.ly/2vTg6B6. 

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