1/31 | DIY Thread Box- Sewing Room Organization

Hey Everyone! Where are my sewers at?! I might not have a sewing tutorial for you today, but this is almost as fun. I was needing a place to keep my threads so that they were all together and out on my table so I thought I would make my own DIY thread box! I love looking at this cause it is so cute and colorful! It matches my craft studio/ sewing room PERFECTLY!

Here is everything you will need to create your own DIY Thread box for Sewing Room Organization:

  • paper mache box
  • acrylic paint
  • hot glue gun
  • 2 old spools
  • yarn

Start by painting your paper mache boxes with the acrylic paint. I chose this super fun bright blue color because it will match perfectly with my craft studio/sewing room. As you can tell it is pretty much the same color as the table I was using here. 
Wrap the spools with the yarn. Start by tieing a knot around the middle of the spool. Then just wind it around so that the knot is covered and the spool looks full. I would use a dot of hot glue to attach the end of the yarn.

Use the hot glue again to attach the spools to the top of the box. I chose to have one standing up and the other on its side. 
So what do you think? I am sure some of you will need a larger box to keep your beloved thread collection- but I am sure you could make something similar that was big enough. I love the look of the yarn on the spools instead of actual thread for some reason Oh and if you are looking for wooden spools, I happened to have found mine in the Target dollar spot with twin on them. So when I was done with the twine, I got to repurpose them in this cute sewing room organization project!