1/31 | The Cricut Maker Is The Ideal Tool for Beginner and Advanced Sewists Alike

Do you do a lot of sewing? Would you like to do more? Or maybe you’re a beginner who is intimidated by some of the steps involved in sewing? Well then, you need the Cricut Maker. This machine, in our opinion, is going to transform the whole sewing process with its innovative, modernized approach to what may well be the most time-consuming and tedious parts.

The Cricut Maker is a cutting machine like no other. With the Adaptive Tool System, this Cricut has the power to cut through a wide variety of materials, including fabrics of pretty much all thicknesses (less than 2.4 mm), with ease. Having 4 kg of force – 10 times the force of the Cricut Explore Cut Smart 2 System – means that even fabrics like denim and felt are a breeze for the Cricut Maker to handle. You can see just how amazing this machine is when it comes to cutting felt.

There is no more dial on this machine. Instead, you use the Cricut Design Space to tell the machine what fabric you are cutting. Having this done digitally opens up the possibilities to way more material choices than before – hundreds at your fingertips! But here’s where they have taken it even one step (GIANT step) further. With the Adaptive Tool System and interchangeable cutting blades, the Cricut Maker automatically senses the blade and ensures that you have chosen the right one. If you haven’t, it will let you know. Fool proof!

The rotary blade can be used for other materials, such as paper, but once you use it, you will feel that it has been designed with fabric in mind. It is a dream when it comes to cutting fabric! On top of that, the machine is designed to adapt and control both the blade direction and the cut force according to the fabric selected. This not only means that it can cut many more materials than ever before but that the cuts that it makes are much cleaner and more precise as well.

As if all of those factors aren’t enough on their own, the Cricut Maker’s value to sewists isn’t simply as a cutting machine. Cricut has teamed up with Simplicity and Riley Blake Designs to provide over 200 patterns and quilting kits that can be used with the Cricut Design Space. Or if you have your own pattern, you can simply upload it into the design space and use it instead. This machine will take your patterns and divide them up on the cutting mats as efficiently as possible for far less wasting of fabric. Easy!

And finally, you can even purchase an optional washable fabric pen made for use with this system. Add it to your Cricut Maker and it will draw on just the right seam allowances for you. It can even number your pattern pieces!

That’s a pretty incredible addition to any sewing room, don’t you think? How would the Cricut Maker make your crafting life better?

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