2/28 | DIY Rug- you won’t believe how it’s made!

Simple DIY Rug
If you sew at all I’m sure you have tons of fabric laying around, and also keep some rolls of your favorite patterns you like to use for some great projects. Even if you don’t sew, but you’re out in town and spot some beautiful fabric at the craft store and you’re wracking your brain to think of what you could use it for, this is the project for you! With this DIY Rug, you can take your favorite fabric and turn it into a cute functional rug perfect for your space.
Simple DIY Rug

Cut the fabric to 29 by 19 inches. Cut the towel and shelf liner to 27 by 17 inches. The rotary cutter should be able to cut threw all of the materials without a problem! DIY Rug
Place the towel directly on top of the shelf liner and pin or clip them together.

Head to the sewing machine and sew them together all the way around the four sides. I also added 2 lines down the middle so it doesn’t try to bunch up.

No place what you just sewed in the middle of the fabric. The towel should touch the wrong side of the fabric. There will be 1 inch of overlap on each side.

Fold the overlap over and clip in place.

Then sew all the way around it!

Wasn’t this tutorial so easy? I love projects that allow you to personalize the size and style, like this one. You could even take this one step further and take white fabric and splatter paint it with all your favorite colors, or colors that match your space, for a fun artsy rug! You don’t have to pay crazy retail prices for boring rugs that are too big or too small to fit your space. This is a great DIY project for beginner sewists too because you’re just sewing a few straight lines. You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy this DIY Rug tutorial.

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