2/28 | Awesome Tips For Your Next Flight

If you or someone you know is about to go on a trip and fly on a plane, share this post with them! Whether you’ve never flown before or you visit the airport on a regular basis, you may need some helpful tips and tricks to make your next flight more comfortable for you, and the other passengers around you. Traveling is stressful sometimes, and not everyone enjoys flying, I know I don’t, but it’s so important to pick up in-flight manors so you can make your time in the air a little less stressful. I hope you enjoy these Awesome Tips For Your Next Flight!

Don’t Sit For Too Long

Believe it or not, sitting in your tiny airplane seat for an extended amount of time can cause some serious health problems. Try to stretch your legs in your seat, and it’s recommended to get up and walk around every hour or so. It may be inconvenient if you’ve got the window seat, but your neighbor should understand. If you’re anything like me you get restless on flights anyways, so the excuse to get up and stretch to prevent health problems is a win-win to me.

Be Cautious When Ordering In-Flight Food and Drinks

Long before I ever took my first flight I heard tell of plane food. Some people are just picky eaters, some are cautious of where the food has been, but I have yet to order anything to eat while on a flight. I’m sure airlines wouldn’t serve food that was too old or anything but can we really be sure where all the food has been before it gets to you? I have heard that ordering ice water on airlines is not the best choice. If you need some H20, bite the bullet and buy a bottled water, you won’t regret it. I would recommend eating at the airport before your flight, and bringing a bottle of water with you, as the water on the plane usually is more expensive.

Know Where Your Carry-On Goes

If you’ve chosen to pack light and just bring a carry-on, good for you. You’re saving money and eliminating the worry of your bag possibly getting lost and never making it to baggage claim. While I prefer not to have a checked bag, you have to know where your carry-on needs to go. The storage compartment above your seat should have enough room in it for a few small bags, but don’t put your personal item in there as well, if you can fit it under your seat. Other people will need to use that storage if you have other passengers next to you, so only use what you have to use.

Dress For Comfort

If there’s one thing I know, it’s no matter where you’re flying, always dress comfortably. There’s nothing worse than being miserable on a plane because of the clothes you’re wearing. You also don’t know if you’ll be hot or cold on a flight until you’re in the situation. One time I was so cold I know I was shaking the seat, and another time I was so hot I wanted to strip down. I always wear stretchy workout capris, a comfy Tee, and a hoodie. I can take the hoodie off if I get too hot, and the workout pants are warm but breathable so I usually stay pretty comfortable. I know going through security it’s so convenient to have on flip-flops to quickly take off, but I promise you It’s worth it to take a few extra minutes to untie and retie your tennis shoes.

Know What To Pack

If you have a checked bag, everyone knows there’s a weight limit you have to abide by, but there are not too many other rules that restrict the normal everyday things you can pack in your checked bag.One plus to checking your bag is that you can pack full sided toiletries, instead of having to buy all of those little travel sized bottles. If you do choose to go the carry-on rout, know what to pack in your carry-on, and what to pack in your personal bag. It’s always a good idea to put everything you think you’ll need during the flight in your personal bag. It would be a pain to have to get up and dig in the overhead storage for your laptop because you didn’t keep it in your personal bag. Another great item to keep with you is gum. It’s a good icebreaker if you want to talk to the person sitting next to you, or if you know your breath needs some help. Plus, it helps stop your ears from popping with the change of altitude.