2/28 | DIY Nursery Decor For Boys

Nursery decor can be very expensive, and if this is your first baby you need to cut costs all you can because there are a lot more important things to buy than decor. Lucky for you we’ve rounded up a ton of great DIY Nursery Decor For Boys that you’re sure to love. Not only does creating your own nursery decor save you money, but you also get to rest easy knowing your baby has one-of-a-kind decor that you made for him, how cool is that? Not only are some of these ideas decor but they’re also fun hacks that you might not have known about. I hope you enjoy these great nursery ideas for your baby boy.

1.DIY Nursery Door Latch Cover

DIY Nursery Door Latch Cover
2.DIY Pom Poms for Your Baby’s Nursery

DIY Pom Poms for Your Baby’s Nursery
3.DIY Family Hand Prints

.DIY Family Hand Prints
4.Make Your Own Cloud Clay Mobile

.Make Your Own Cloud Clay Mobile
5.Crib Mobile

Crib Mobile
6.DIY Baby Mobile

DIY Baby Mobile
7.Moon Cradle Made Out Of Wooden Pallets

Moon Cradle Made Out Of Wooden Pallets
8.DIY Giraffe Nursery Art

DIY Giraffe Nursery Art
9.Mountain Mural

Mountain Mural
10.Super Mario Bros. Nursery

Super Mario Bros. Nursery
11.Glittered Animal Canvases

Glittered Animal Canvases
12.How to Paint Toy Story Clouds

How to Paint Toy Story Clouds
13.Up Up And Away!

Up Up And Away!
14.Playroom Safari

Playroom Safari
15.Letter Z Shelf

Letter Z Shelf

Aren’t these ideas so much fun? A lot of them are not only stylish but super functional too! That’s what you get when you decide to create your own decor, functionality. I hope you loved seeing these ideas and that you got inspired to make some great things for your babies nursery. You can’t go wrong when you DIY, and these would also make great homemade gifts for a friend or family member who was having a baby, too!

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