2/28 | DIY 2×4 Pencil Holder

Is your desk area a mess? Most of the time I try to keep mine organized but one good day of working and my desk area turns into a mess. I don’t have enough storage for my things, and it’s such a hassle to constantly have to be cleaning up. Today I want to show you a great project that will help keep your pens or pencils organized, it’s a DIY 2×4 Pencil Holder. This won’t solve all of your messy desk issues, but it’s a great start! What I love about this tutorial is that you can make it from some scrap wood you have laying around, and you can paint it whatever colors you’d’ like to match your space. Keep reading to see how to make your own.

Here is what you will need to create your own DIY 2×4 pencil holder:

  • 2×4 cut to 12 inches long (The Home Depot will cut this for you)
  • Drill with a bit larger than a pencil
  • 2 colors of paint
  • Paintbrushes

Step One: Decide how many pencils you want your finished product to hold. (I chose 7) Then add 1 to that number. (I got 8). Then divide 12 inches by that number. ( I got 1.5). Then mark the 2 by 4 every interval of that the number. Drill a hole about half way down into the 2 by 4 at each mark.

Step Two: Paint the 2×4 with the base color. I used white so it would be nice and bright!

Step Three: Add a design with your secondary color. You can get creative with polka dots, stripes, or another funky design! I went with a brush stroke design. I am still in love with my brush stroke mugs from years ago and thought I would incorporate the simple technique in my desk area too. My tip for getting the best brush stroke result is to use the CHEAPEST brush you can find.

I love how simple this project is, and all in all, it only took about an hour to create. Now my pencils will be within arms reach and way easier to keep organized. Not to mention this idea is not only functional but super stylish too! I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY and got inspired to get organized yourself!