3/31 | DIY Home Decor Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to find good DIY Home Decor Ideas that are practical for your space. I want to show you a ton of great ideas that most of which are functional, too. I would rather have pieces in my home that serve a purpose rather than meaningless decor sitting around. These Ideas are so fun and most of them are easy to make. I hope you enjoy these home decor ideas!

1.How to DIY a Scalloped Wall

How to DIY a Scalloped Wall
2.How to Build a Shutter Side Table How to Build a Shutter Side Table 
3.DIY a Suitcase Table 

DIY a Suitcase Table 
4.DIY Pendant Lights 

DIY Pendant Lights 
5.Gingham Stars Garland

Gingham Stars Garland
6.DIY Ironing Board Organizer

DIY Ironing Board Organizer
7.DIY Rustic Kitchen Organizer

DIY Rustic Kitchen Organizer
8.Stylish Kitchen Labels

Stylish Kitchen Labels
9.Hanging Book Storage

Hanging Book Storage
10.Holder for Charging Cell Phone

Holder for Charging Cell Phone
11.Laundry Basket Dresser

Laundry Basket Dresser
12.DIY Home Board & Batten Wall

DIY Home Board & Batten Wall
13.DIY Organization Glass Pot Catch-All

DIY Organization Glass Pot Catch-All
14.Toilet Paper Holder Shelf And Bathroom Accessories

Toilet Paper Holder Shelf And Bathroom Accessories
15.DIY Rustic Wall Rack

DIY Rustic Wall Rack
16.DIY Ledge Shelf Tutorial

DIY Ledge Shelf Tutorial
17.DIY Mason Jar Wall Lanterns

DIY Mason Jar Wall Lanterns
18.DIY Rustic Wood Planter Box

.DIY Rustic Wood Planter Box
19.DIY Wood Framed Mirror

DIY Wood Framed Mirror
20.DIY Wood Lanterns

DIY Wood Lanterns

Don’t you love these ideas? You don’t have to spend your whole paycheck at the home decor store. Making decor yourself is a great way to save money. Plus, if you make it yourself you know the homemade items in your home are one-of-a-kind! I hope these ideas inspired you to get crafty for your home today. These projects would also make great housewarming gifts for someone you know.

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