3/31 | Craft Easier With Green Dot

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Green Dot. All opinions are 100% mine.

I know we give you all daily crafting advice and inspiration, but today let’s talk a little bit about banks. They’re basically a necessity nowadays, you have to be banking somewhere. Personally, I think some banks have lost their edge and are getting more and more inconvenient to deal with. Sometimes my bank isn’t even open when I get off work, and that can be frustrating. Luckily, I found an amazing bank account that was so easy to get and to use, I’m talking about the Green Dot Bank Cash-Back Visa Debit Card, and I’m so glad I found it! I use it for all my crafty needs. Bank Smart. Get Rewarded. Get a Green Dot card today!

I use my card every day, especially at the craft store! With all the projects we have to make plus I always end up just strolling through the aisles getting inspired for what we can make next, it’s great to know the card is accepted everywhere so I don’t get to the register with my buggy full of craft supplies only to be told they don’t accept my card! it’s changed the way I feel about banking. It also has ASAP Direct Deposit where* I can get paid up to two days early, which means I can be at the craft store two days earlier, and that’s a must. Talk about a card designed with ME in mind. I can get cash back** no matter where I shop, too, even online purchases! With all the online shopping I do, that’s a huge perk. Plus, all The Green Dot Cash Back Card charges is a $9.95 monthly charge, that’s it! Bank Smart. Get Rewarded. Get a Green Dot card today!

I think it goes without saying but my Green Dot card is definitely my most used card, and I love using it knowing I’m getting cash back for some of the things I buy. Once I found this great card I told all of my friends and family about it, and I thought it was time to tell all of you guys! Every other week I have to go get my craft supplies because we use them up so much, so off to the craft store we went to get new tools, lots of vinyl, and of course glitter iron on.

You will love the freedom of this card and how easy the app is to navigate. I know so many people are hesitant about opening something like a bank account, but I promise you won’t regret it! The very first place I went after I got my card was the crafts store! I couldn’t think if a better way to break in my card than a shopping spree for some upcoming projects.

I use my Green Dot card on almost all of my purchases, but I think my favorite way to use it is for my online purchases. Sometimes the craft store doesn’t have exactly what I need, like maybe the right size canvas for a specific project, so of course, I just find it online. If you want to give anyone great advice, tell them to get this card. It will change the way they bank, the way they shop, and not stressing about fees makes everyone more creative! The benefits of this card are amazing, and you won’t be sorry if you decide to get one for yourself. Bank Smart. Get Rewarded. Get a Green Dot card today!

*Subject to your employer’s payroll process and timing. Limits apply.

**Up to $100 annually.