3/31 | Cheap DIY Wedding Gifts With Your Cricut

I love weddings! I’m actually getting married in September and a few of my friends are getting married this year too- so fun! Because I am spending so much on my own wedding, having some cheap simple projects up my sleeve is a must. I love making DIY Cricut gifts anyways and these cheap DIY wedding gifts with your Cricut are perfect for the engaged couple in your life. These ideas are all easy to make and some only require 2 steps! I hope you enjoy these fun ideas as much as I do! I have to admit I kept some of these projects for myself after making them; they’re just so cute! All of these Cricut projects are from our membership site for people who love crafting and cut files, Makers Gonna Learn.

DIY “Off The Market” Tote Bag

You can’t go wrong when making this adorable DIY bag for your engaged gal pal. It’s so simple to make using our cut files with your Cricut and ironing the design on this insanely cute glitter bottom tote bag. You could use any color bag, but we just loved the glitter on this bag. You can also use any color of iron on, so you can really personalize the projects to who you’re making them for! Who wouldn’t love sporting this cute bag that sends an even cuter message?!

Simple DIY “Mr. & Mrs.” Glitter Vase

This is probably one of my favorite wedding crafts because of the simplicity of it. I adore getting decor as gifts and this would be an adorable addition to any home. It was so simple to make; we just used Mod Podge on the inside, added glitter, and stuck one of our vinyl designs onto the outside of the jar. If you know your friend’s favorite color or the colors she is decorating her home with, then you can add a specific color of glitter to match too! Who doesn’t love mason jars and need more glitter vases in their life?

DIY Glitter Monogram Ring Dish

This is one of those simple “2 step” projects I was telling you about. You just cut your vinyl design and apply it to your surface! This is a cheap ring dish that we’ve transformed into a personalized gift that will wow any friend. Like all the other projects there is some freedom with the colors you choose, but we had to go with the gorgeous glitter vinyl. You could even take this project a step further and add a coat of spray on polyurethane to give the whole thing some protection and shine, but overall this is a wedding gift idea under $5.

Easy DIY “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” Sign

More fun home decor with a twist! I love this simple project because it’s so versatile and you can still add some personal flair. Adding the vinyl design was as easy as cutting and applying. What takes this project to the next level is the fact that you can paint it whatever color you or the recipient likes. We painted this one turquoise. I can see it looking fantastic on my nightstand to give my soon-to-be husband a reminder! I promise you that good, homemade gifts like these will never get old.

 “You Are My Happily Ever After” DIY Ring Dish

I don’t think I can stress enough how popular ring dishes are. I think I have eight all around my house right now. You just never know when you’ll need to shed some jewelry. They’re all just so cute and stylish that I think everyone should have at least one. This one was so easy to make- we just bought a simple square ring dish from the craft store, cut the vinyl with our Cricut, and applied it carefully to the dish. These ring dishes are the cheapest projects in this roundup today and maybe the cutest too!

DIY “Forever & Always” Candle

If you’re needing an easy project that also has some functionality this is the one for you. Go out and buy a candle that smells like heaven and just make sure the label comes off easily! You can even get you or your friends’ favorite color candle to match their home. All we did was peel off the label and add a cut vinyl design out of one of our great collections from Makers Gonna Learn. You could even get more personal and add your friends’ soon-to-be last name and “est. 2018” or whatever year they’re getting hitched.

Adding vinyl or iron on to originally boring products is a fantastic way to add style and makes you start seeing the potential in everyday things you may once have overlooked. It brings out lots of creativity and helps inspire me on a daily basis to make something better than I did the day before. I hope you enjoyed these great crafts that are perfect to make for fun DIY Wedding Gifts for your friends and family or yourself!