4/30 | 3 Cool Father’s Day Crafts

I know Father’s Day is a great time to show your dad a little extra love and sometimes we need some inspiration. Whether your dad grills, is into sports, loves to fix things, or is a crazy Star Wars fan, these ideas are perfect. If you’re looking for some great Father’s Day gift ideas then look no further. All of these great designs come from the amazing membership site for die cutting lovers, Makers Gonna Learn! These 3 Cool Father’s Day Crafts are also super easy to make. Two require simple vinyl while the apron is iron-on. You’ll love seeing how to make these epic gifts!

Star Wars Mug

This is the ultimate gift for any Star Wars loving dad. It’s so easy to make with your die cutting machine and simple black vinyl. For cups and mugs, I always recommend using Cricuts Premium Outdoor Vinyl. It’s stronger and holds up better on cups and things like that. All in all, this is a great project to make in less than 10 minutes.

King of The Grill Apron

If your dad is the king of the grill, you have to make him this super appropriate apron. Even if he hasn’t declared himself grill king, we all know he is. Iron-on is my favorite material to work with because you can put it on anything from cotton to wood. Your dad will love this thoughtful gift.

Father’s Day Hammer

Handymen save the day often. Most of the time in my house the handyman is my dad. He refuses to call a professional for things he really doesn’t know how to fix, but we love him for it. Whether or not your father is a professional handyman, he’s sure to love this thoughtful personalized hammer. Much like the mug this is just simple heavy duty black vinyl. Sometimes less is more, and this simple gift idea is a great contender.