4/30 | Cricut Grandma Gift Idea – DIY Button Art

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It doesn’t have to be Grandparents Day for you to show some love to your grandmother. You could make this craft for their birthday or even just because. This is a cute craft that you can personalize. Keep reading and you’ll learn how to make this on your own! We made this  Cricut Grandma Gift Idea – DIY Button Art. If you’re wondering where we got this cute grandma quote it’s from our ultimate crafting membership website called Makers Gonna Learn. It has over 150+ cut files for your die cutting machine for every occasion. You will love everything it has to offer, go check it out.

  • Large Frame
  • Assorted Cardstock
  • Cricut Maker
  • Black Vinyl
  • Transfer Paper
  • Assorted Buttons
  • Multi-Purpose Glue
  • Fine Tip Sharpie

  1. With your Cricut cut out multiple sized triangles on different patterns of cardstock. Glue them onto your frame where you’d like your button people to go.
  2. Now cut out the quote with your Cricut in black vinyl, weed it, and add transfer paper to it.
  3. Carefully apply the design onto the bottom of your frame, and peel off the transfer paper slowly.
  4. Glue buttons on the top of the triangles. Then with the sharpies draw arms and legs onto your button people.

I love how this project turned out, and your grandmother will love it too. September 9th is Grandparents Day, but you can make this any time of year. I hope you got inspired to make something for your grandparents. Sometimes I think there aren’t enough great crafts for our grandparents.