5/31 | Healthy Recipes

I don’t think we can ever have too many delicious healthy recipes. I like having healthy meal options that actually look good. Of course it depends on your version of healthy, but for the most part, these recipes are healthier than most! I think it would be much easier to eat healthy if we had recipes readily available, don’t you? We all know it’s way easier to cook a frozen pizza than it is to freshly cook a healthy meal. I hope this roundup of Healthy Recipes inspires you to eat at least one more healthy meal this week!

1.Spicy Avocado Snack

2.Salmon with Toasted Israeli Couscous

3.Blueberry Lemon Breakfast Quinoa 

4.Sesame Butterflied Chicken

5.Sicilian Olive Chicken

6.Spicy ‘nduja Vongole

7.Jumbo Fish Fingers

8.Skillet Ratatouille 

9.Tikka burgers with carrot salad & tzatziki 

10.Quinoa Bowls with Avocado and Egg

11.Chicken Souvlaki with Cucumber Salad 

12. Wholewheat Pasta with Watercress Pesto 

Don’t you love these recipes? I love that it has ideas for every meal of the day. I love the fact that you could easily meal prep some of these recipes and have lots of meals ready to be eaten! Whether you’re looking to change the whole way you eat or are simply looking for some healthier options to enjoy through the week, this list is sure to satisfy you!