5/31 | Pretty DIY Coasters From Kid’s Art

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Being a babysitter requires a lot of things. Some people think it’s just watching the kids and making sure they don’t get into trouble, but that’s not what a great babysitter does. Along with making sure they stay safe, it’s so important to let them have fun and be creative. It’s always a great idea to plan some fun crafts or activities that you know your kids will love. Crafts keep them entertained, helps pass time, and keep their minds going. Not to mention, they’re great for motor skills. Next time you’re scheduled to babysit, take a few minutes to plan a great kids craft idea like these Pretty DIY Coasters From Kid’s Art. I got most of the supplies from Kid Made Modern and I love them! They have so many amazing craft products and kits. You and the kids will never be bored. Last week, I planned some cute Pom Pom framed Photo Canvas for the kiddos, be sure to go check it out too!

Step One: Lay out a few sheets from the Kid Made Modern Jumbo Watercolor Tablet and let the kids run wild. I got the Confetti Crayons, Neon Watercolor Set, and Rock Crayons to use. The kids love them all! I even got the older boy I babysit to join in on the coloring fun because of the Rock Crayons! Let them draw and paint whatever they’d like.

Step Two: After the watercolor dries take your scissors and ruler to measure and cut the kids’ artwork to fit onto your tiles. Ours were 4″x4″.Step Three: Cut and measure your felt to fit onto the bottom of your tiles. I cut mine just a little bit smaller so when your coasters are finished and sitting at a table you can’t see the yellow felt.Step Four: Apply white glue to your felt pieces and adhere them to the bottom of your tiles.Step Five: Once the glue is dry, add a thin coat of decoupage medium to the tile and add the piece of artwork on top. Smooth out any bubbles and add another thin layer on the top and the sides. Allow it to fully dry before using them! I can’t get over how cute these are! I love the Kid Made Modern products and how unique they are. The fact that the kids could color with rocks and watercolor neon really got them excited to create. You could always just have them draw on the Jumbo Watercolor Tablet and hang it on a wall, but transforming the kids work into fun coasters is a great twist. Now everytime their parents set a drink on the coasters they can be reminded of their kids’ creativity for years to come. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and got inspired to get crafty when you babysit!