5/31 | Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is coming! Just a few more weeks and the kids are out of school and looking for some fun things to do. I love being able to let the kids have fun and let loose a little during summer break. They’ve been to school most of the year, so they deserve it!

Sometimes it’s hard thinking of fun summer activities to do. Lucky for you we’ve rounded up a bunch of great Summer Activities for Kids that you’ll love. All of these ideas are intended to get young minds working and helping kids to have fun and be creative.

I hope you love all of these DIY summer ideas as much as we do!

Summer Activities for Kids

1.Sponge Soaker Balls

2.Kiddie Car Wash >>>this is such a fun idea! 

3.Mini Water Blobs  >>>can we make some adult sized ones too?

4.Recycled Water Wall 

5.PVC Backyard Water Park 

6.Sprinkler Relay >>>this looks like so much fun!
7.Soda Bottle Boat 

8.Water Blasters 

9.Water Pistol Painting >>>grab your water sprayers and start making art! 

10.Splash Pad

11.Backyard Fishing Activity >>>go fishing without even leaving your backyard!

12.Water Sensory Play with Colored Ice

13.Duck Race >>>whose ducky will win? 

14.Pool Noodle Bath 

15.Water Beads Sensory Pool 

16.Sea Turtle for Kids >>> Not only are these sea turtles fun to make but since they float, they’re fun to play with too!

17.Ring Toss Game 

18.Outdoor Tic Tac Toe

19.Balloon Dart Painting  >>>Use caution with this one! It’s fun but of course, not for young children! 

20.Bobbing for Apples >>>Who says this is just for Halloween?
21.Play with Hula Hoops 

22.Skate Balance Board 

23.Freezer Paint Popsicles >>>A creative way to cool off on a hot summer day!


24.Active Outdoor Summer Games 

25.Back Yard Scavenger Hunt 

26.Outdoor Memory Game

27.Water Bottle Bowling >>>recycle some leftover bottles into a fun bowling game!