5/31 | DIY Soup Can Lights

Don’t underestimate soup cans. In the crafting world, they can be a lot more helpful than you might think. There is a multitude of kids crafts you can make with them, as well as teen crafts. Today we’re focusing on the teens. Specifically teen room decor. I know luminaries are still popular, so that’s what we’re making today! These DIY Soup Can Lights are so easy to make and they add a pop of color to any space. We made a set of three and they look great on my dresser day or night. You only need a few supplies to make these. I would definitely consider these DIY luminaries a recycled craft idea because we’re using cans you would otherwise throw away and turning them into fun room decor. I hope you enjoy learning how to make your own.

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DIY Soup Can Lights

  • 3 Soup Cans
  • Yellow, Blue, and Pink Spray Paint
  • Drill and Bits
  • Sanding Block
  • Flameless Candles
  • Pliers

  1. Remove the labels from your soup cans and choose a drill bit you think is big enough.
  2. Go around the can drilling holes. They don’t have to be perfect.
  3. Once all the holes are drilled take your pliers and twist them inside the holes to smooth them out.
  4. Now use your sanding block to sand off any rough or pointy metal pieces from around the holes you drilled.
  5. Take the cans outside and spray paint them. I used 2 coats of paint on my cans.
  6. Once your cans have dried display them in your room and add flameless candles under them when you want to use them as luminaries.
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DIY Soup Can Lights

This project turned out great. If you need some inspiration for a fun teen room decor idea this is the perfect one. I hope you liked this project. It was so fun and easy to make!

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