5/31 | Easiest Way To Make a Monogram with Your Cricut

A lot of people are getting interested in Monograms and who wouldn’t? Monograms are perfect to use when you want to personalize your crafts and make DIYs. The best way to do it is by using your Cricut and make them fun, fast, and easy. I know DIY monogram crafts are still so popular, and you’ll love learning the Easiest Way To Make a Monogram with Your Cricut.

Here’s a Step by Step Instruction on How To Make a Monogram:

  1. Search Monogram Maker or Monogram Generator on Google. (I personally use Mark and Graham for my Monograms).
  2. Enter your initials then choose a style and color.

3. Once you’re done, just click on “Save + Share”.

4. You can enter your email address to the “Save” field so that it would be emailed to you, or you can download it by double-clicking the image if you’re on Mac (right click if your using Windows) and choose “Save Image as” to save it on your computer.

Great job! You already have a Monogram, now let’s go ahead and go to Cricut Design Space.

5. Once you’re on Cricut Design Space, go to the left-hand bar and choose “Upload” > “Upload Image”

6. Once uploaded, choose “Simple”. Notice that there is a white background, but don’t worry that can easily be removed.

7. Just click on the background to erase it.

8. Once the background is removed select “Save as a cut image”

9. You will now see it on your Recently Uploaded Images, and insert it in your canvas.

10. Now you can size it the way you want it and you can start cutting your Monogram.

And there you have it! There are different fonts and ways to make a Monogram right in Cricut Design Space this is just one of my favorite because it’s the quickest and easiest way to create them. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you’ve learned something new today.

I hope you enjoyed learning this new skill! I love easy monogram crafts like these. I hope you got inspired to make tons of new monogram projects! This cool ring decal on the shirt is from Makers Gonna Learn! If you want to check it out along with over 500 other cut files for your die cutting machine you won’t regret it!