5/31 | DIY Beaded Butterflies

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I never get tired of babysitting. I really enjoy watching the kids and when I go a few months without seeing them it’s unbelievable to see how they’ve grown and changed in such a short amount of time! They undoubtedly get more creative and eager to be hands-on every time I see them. I knew I needed to step up my crafting game for them. Instead of planning a project to have them make, I wanted to see what their little minds could dream up if I brought them a ton of fun supplies. I didn’t love the idea of purchasing a bunch of separate craft products, it just seemed more expensive and a lot of hassle. Then I remembered that Kid Made Modern has some incredible craft kits from arts and crafts to music and stitching.

 I’m so glad I thought of Kid Made Modern and decided to get one of their craft kits to take to the kids. They were so amazed at how much stuff came in the kit. I told them they could create whatever they wanted and it was unanimously butterflies. They loved being able to create each element of their DIY Beaded Butterflies by themselves from picking out the pipe cleaners to gluing on the googly eyes. Buying the kit was so convenient and it had so many fun supplies that we’ll be able to use in all kinds of crafty projects. The last few weeks when I babysat, I got to help the kids make some other pretty cute crafts too. One week they loved making a Pom Pom Framed Photo Canvas perfect to surprise their parents with. The next week we stepped it up a notch and created these DIY Coasters From Kids Art that they’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Needless to say, babysitting and crafting go hand in hand! I hope you enjoy learning how we made these fun little butterflies.

Step One: Lay out some newspaper or a plastic tablecloth and let the kids have a blast painting the clothespins to be the base of the butterfly.Step Two: While the bases are drying, the kids can pick out their pipe cleaner and beads and assemble the butterflies wings. I loved just stepping back and letting them have full creative control with this craft.Step Three: This part could definitely get messy, but that’s okay! Take your painted clothespins and let the kids glue on the wings and antenna onto their bases. Now the butterflies are really starting to take shape!Step Four:  Once the wings are semi-dry, let the kids pick out some googly eyes and glue them on the front of the butterfly to finish off their project.I can’t believe how much fun the kids had brainstorming this idea and getting inspired by all the great supplies in our craft kit. When we were finished cleaning up from making these adorable butterflies the kids kept telling me all the other fun things they could make with the supplies. Take it from me, don’t feel pressured and overthink little craft ideas to have the kids make. Grab a great craft kit from Kid Made Modern and let the kids do the thinking!