5/31 | Painted Magnetic Letters

We made a super fun craft last week and I can’t wait to share it with you. Everyone grew up with those magnetic letters on their fridge to help them learn how to spell right? Well, today we added a twist to the classic ones and made them into a super fun teen craft. You can use these Painted Magnetic Letters for all sorts of things. As a memo board to keep track of things you need to do. As a photo display to stylishly share your favorite pics. Leave little notes for your bestie to find when they get home. The possibilities are endless. These aren’t your 90’s magnetic letters. Check out how our DIY twist took them to a whole new level.

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Painted Magnetic Letters

  • Magnetic Letters
  • Poster Board
  • White, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Spray Paint
  • Metal Pizza Pan (optional)

  1. Dig through the bag of magnetic letters and find one of every letter and number. I even added a few more vowel letters just in case I wanted to make some bigger words.
  2. Lay all your letters on a poster board and take it outside. Spray paint the letters white. Mine took 3 coats to get them all fully white.
  3. Once they’re crisp white and dry it’s time for the fun part. You get to splatter paint them with your spray paint. I’ve been doing this technique for years. It does take some practice, but the results are awesome. Take your can of blue spray paint and hold it with both hands with your thumbs on top of the spray nozzle. Holding the can like this gives you more control. Practice on a piece of paper. Slowly press down on the nozzle until you see tiny droplets of paint spraying out. You want to keep this pressure constantly and slowly splatter all of your letters.
  4. Repeat the splatter process with your pink and yellow spray paint.
  5. As an added step you can get a large magnetic pizza pan and spray paint it to display the magnets in your room. We painted ours blue and allowed everything to dry overnight.
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Painted Magnetic Letters

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