5/31 | How To Print and Cut

Hi everyone! I’m getting a lot of questions on How to use Print and Cut with your Cricut and Canon Printer, so today I decided to share with you the process, how easy it is, and how you can create tons of awesome projects using Print and Cut. If you’ve ever wondered How To Print and Cut, this post is for you! I hope you enjoy the process. It’s not as hard as you might think.

Steps To Print and Cut:

  1. Log into Cricut Design Space, go to the left-hand sidebar and choose “Upload” > “Upload Image” and choose your file.

  1. Once uploaded, choose “Complex”. (from here you can erase any excess designs or words that you don’t want to include on your project)

  1. Once you’ve erased any unwanted words or designs, select “Save as a Print then Cut Image”

  1. You will now see it on your Recently Uploaded Images, and insert it in your canvas.

5. Size it the way you want it, and Select “Make it”

  1. You should see your image in a black box > “Continue”

7. Select “Send to Printer”. From here we should make sure that we are going to choose our Canon Printer then select “Print”

8. Now that we’re done printing, place the cardstock on the right-hand corner of our mat.

9. Load it in your Cricut machine.

  1. You can now select your materials. For this project I’m going to choose “Medium Cardstock”, make sure to check the tools “Fine-Point Blade” and Select the “Fast Mode” before you press the flashing Cricut “Go” button because we want to craft even quicker.

  1. Once it’ finished cutting, unload the mat and peel up your design.

And there you have it! Now you have your very own Print and Cut project. It’s super easy to do and you have an amazing Print and Cut project that you could use on your DIY crafts. Hope you learned something new today and I’m so excited for you to try this tutorial.