5/31 | Father’s Day Crafts For Kids

Father’s Day is fast approaching and that means it’s time to get crafting. When I was a kid I loved getting creative and thinking up fun things I could make for my dad. Nowadays it’s so simple to get online and looks for inspiration. There are so many fun ideas I thought I would round up some for you all. These Father’s Day Crafts For Kids would be great ideas for your kids to make for their dad on Father’s Day! You can be as simple or out of the box as you want. The only limitation is your mind! I hope these fun gift ideas inspire you to make something awesome. I know everyone loves gifts, but homemade gifts are from the heart. Your dad is sure to love a homemade gift from his kids, no matter what it is!

1.Fathers Day Craft: Keychain 

2.Handmade Father’s Day Gifts 

3.Finger Painted Father’s Day Card 

4.A Father’s Day Project 

5.Father’s Day Scribble Mug Kids Craft 

6.Father’s Day Goodie Bags 

7.My Dad Rocks Frame 

8.Building Memories with Dad

9.Candy Bar Wrappers 

10.DIY Paper Award Ribbon 

11.Father’s Day Trophy Card 

12.Typography Glasses 

13.Hidden Message Father’s Day Card 

14.Origami Bowtie 

15.For Father’s Day… 

16.Toilet Roll Father’s Day Cards 

17.Dad You Rock! DIY Father’s Day Gift 

18.Flying Superhero Father’s Day Craft

19.Father’s Day Watermelon Card

20.Paper Ties