5/31 | How to Download and Use an SVG in Cricut Design Space

Have you had questions about downloading an SVG and uploading it into Cricut Design Space? If so, today we’re sharing exactly how to download and use an SVG in Cricut Design Space. First, what is an SVG File? SVG or “Scalable Vector Graphic,” means that it’s a vector image. The thing about vector images is that they can be resized to any dimension without losing their resolution. And it is perfect to use on Cricut Design Space! SVG Files are available anywhere online and it’s very much available when you join our membership Makers Gonna Learn, you can get 30 SVG monthly collections + 300 other amazing digital cut files. For this tutorial, you’ll learn how you’re able to download and upload any SVG for any type of Cricut and to design space no matter if you get it online or on our membership.

Steps to Download and Use an SVG in Cricut Design Space:

  1. Logged in to your Cricut Design Space account. Once you’re on the landing page, select “New Project”.

2. On the left-hand sidebar choose “Upload” > “Upload Image” and drag and drop the Image you want to use.

3. Here you can change the Image name and add tags, to easier search your uploaded files and click “Save”

4. Now you will see it on your Recently Uploaded Images, and insert it in your canvas.

5. Once inserted, you can now resize it, change the colors, there’s a lot to choose from! Once you’re done just hit “Make it”.

And, you’re done! Easy right? Now that you know how to download and use an SVG in Cricut Design Space, you can now create and make a lot of amazing DIY projects! Hope you learned and enjoyed something new today.