5/31 | How To Use Cricut Printable Vinyl

If you have a Cricut Maker you know that Cricut gives you endless possibilities when it comes to making awesome and beautiful DIY projects. So, today we’re going to share with you one of the many features of Print and Cut; How to Use Cricut Printable Vinyl. Let’s get started!

Steps on How To Use Cricut Printable Vinyl:

  • Logged in to Cricut Design Space, go to the left-hand bar and choose “Upload” > “Upload Image” and choose your file.

  • Once uploaded, choose “Complex” > “Continue”

  • Select “Save as a Print then Cut Image”

  • You will now see it on your Recently Uploaded Images. (For this tutorial we uploaded 3 images and just repeat the process) and insert it in your canvas.

  • Now you can size it the way you want it, and make sure that on the right-hand bar it shows the icon “Printer” that means that we are doing a Print and Cut when you’re all set, select “Make it”

  • Before we send it to our printer, let’s load our Printable Vinyl into our Canon Printer. (I’m using the Canon TS8120, It’s our choice for Print and Cut because it’s inexpensive and very lightweight)

  • Now we print! On the settings make sure we choose our Canon Printer and the Bleed is on.

  • Once it’s printed on our Printable Vinyl, apply it on the mat.

  • Select your material. Click on “Browse all materials” > “Printable Vinyl”

  • Load your mat on your Cricut, don’t forget to select fast mode because we want to craft quickly and press the flashing Cricut button.

  • And we’re done! We now have an amazing Printable Vinyl sticker perfect for any DIY projects. I love this technique because it’s super easy, super simple and perfect for any type of craft projects. I can’t wait for you to try this tutorial and I hope you learned something new today.