6/30 | The Best Babysitting Crafts Ever

Let’s talk about babysitting! I have been babysitting one family for almost five years now. It’s amazing watching the kids grow and change and learn. Kids love to do all sorts of things but when it comes to kid crafts, sometimes they’re picky. I took it upon myself to plan some fun craft ideas I thought they would enjoy. I got inspired by some fun ideas so over the past few weeks that I babysat I took a bunch of supplies and ideas and the kids went nuts. If you need a babysitting tip, this is a big one. Bring. Crafts. They are entertaining, fun, creative, and encourage the kids to think outside the box. Nothing makes a rainy day of babysitting pass by faster than a good crafting session. I wanted to make a post showing you all the crafts that the kids made, so here are The Best Babysitting Crafts Ever!

DIY Beaded Butterflies

For this adorable DIY I told the kids they could create whatever they wanted. It was unanimously butterflies, and I think that’s pretty cute. They loved being able to create each element of their DIY Beaded Butterflies by themselves from picking out the pipe cleaners to gluing on the googly eyes.

Coasters From Kids Art

This project was a huge hit! The fact that the kids could color with rocks and watercolor neon with the Kid Made Modern products really got them excited to create. You could always just have them draw on the Jumbo Watercolor Tablet and hang it on a wall, but transforming the kids work into fun coasters is a great twist. Now everytime their parents set a drink on the coasters they can be reminded of their kids’ creativity for years to come.

Pom Pom Framed Photo Canvas

This idea was more of a project than a craft, but the kids loved it just as much. This Pom Pom Framed Photo Canvas was a great craft idea for the kiddos. I loved seeing their faces light up when I bought all of the fun supplies and told them what we’re making. They loved choosing the photos and picking out the colors of the pom poms.

Next time you babysit, think about taking some fun crafts! The kids are sure to love them. I hope these projects inspired you to get a little more creative with your kids!