6/30 | DIY Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

I have been wearing makeup more recently, because #adulting. I have found that the best thing to use to take it off at night is  JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil. I am telling you it will come off like a dream without any harsh scrubbing. I just squirted a little bit on a cotton round and took my makeup off in a few seconds flat. I love that it is available at my local Walmart and online. I ordered mine online here and had it delivered to my home because I love saving myself errands and time.

I noticed that I was using and throwing away a good amount of those little cotton rounds and so I decided to do something about all that waste. I decided to make these DIY Reusable Makeup Remover Pads to use my JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil on. Here is a tutorial on how you can make some too.

  • flannel fabric in the color of your choice
  • contrasting thread
  • fabric scissors
  • pinking shears
  • water soluble  marker
  • circular objects to trace- about 3 and 2.5 inches (I used small candles)

Step One: Trace a circular object that is about 3 inches onto the fleece fabric using the water-soluble marker. Trace a slightly smaller circular object in the middle of half of the circles.

Step Two: Cut out all of the large 3-inch circles with the regular fabric scissors.

Step Three: Place one of the circles with the smaller circle drawn inside of it on top of one of the plain circle. Then using a zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine, stitch along the inner circle.

Step Four: Use the pinking shears to trim all along the edges. This will keep them from fraying.

That is really all there is to making your own DIY reusable makeup remover pads. I love that I can just squirt some JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil on one of these now at night, take my makeup off, and throw it in with my laundry to reuse them over and over again. Also, it is fun to make them personal to match the colors of your bathroom! Don’t forget to grab some JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil for yourself at Walmart!

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