6/30 | Must-Know Tips for Weeding Vinyl

Weeding is the process we use on removing the vinyl we don’t want in our design. Some people are having trouble doing it, while others are weeding like a pro. I’ve been weeding for years now and I would love to share with you some Must-Know Tips for Weeding Vinyl.

Must know tips on Weeding Vinyl:

1. Use a weeding box – create a box on Cricut Design Space over your image and getting it as close as possible so that you already have a box to cut automatically on the Cricut and you don’t have to worry about cutting it after you cut the vinyl project.

2. Use proper tools – only use tools for weeding. I use the Cricut weeding toolset for all of my DIY projects.

3. Bright pad – I highly recommend the Cricut Bright pad because it’s so easy to use and you can directly plug it in your Cricut. It has 5 different settings and it would be perfect for any complicated iron on or any glitter related projects.

4. Kleenex Box – If you’re always weeding and you’re too focused to care where those scrap pieces go, you can use a Kleenex Box or any other boxes. It’s a great way to keep all your scrap pieces!

And just like that, you can do weeding like a pro! Easy isn’t it? Now you can be confident in weeding without worrying that you might ruin your project. Hope you learned something new today! For more tips and tutorials you can check our membership Makers Gonna Learn, we do LIVE workshops, and over 12 exclusive project tutorials teaching you how to create unique DIY projects and a monthly collection of 30+ SVG files and more.