6/30 | How To Apply Vinyl To Tumblers

If you’re also wondering how to make Tumblers, what vinyls should you use or what kind of Tumblers should you buy, this post is definitely for you! Tumblers are perfect to make for gifts, souvenirs, to sell or even for personal use. So today, I decided to share with you the tips and tricks that I’ve learned on how to apply vinyl to Tumblers.

First, you need a Premium Outdoor Vinyl. It is the perfect vinyl to use on Tumblers because it’s okay to get a little moist. (This is not dishwasher safe, be sure to do hand wash so it’s going to last for years to come). I preferably use and recommend Cricut Premium Outdoor Vinyl it’s amazing and I love it. It’s very durable that would be able to hold on your tumblers, and also on your windows, on your cars, etc. It’s super easy to use and especially if you’re selling, you will have a lot more success using this Premium Outdoor Vinyl from Cricut.

Second, you want to make sure that you have a fantastic Tumbler! I got this from Walmart, it’s inexpensive and perfect for personal use or even for selling.


You have to cut your image with your Outdoor Vinyl using your Cricut Maker.

Next is, we’re going to use and apply the transfer tape.

Flip the project over and scrape it. For this, I use the Cricut Scrapper tool.

Take your Vinyl, place it down on your table and then grab your transfer sheet and pull it out.

Now you could place your transfer tape on your Tumbler and if you’re getting some bubbles, you can use your Scrapper tool to smoothen it out.

Start from the corner; remove the transfer tape and your good to go!

Easy isn’t it? Now you have your very own personalized Tumbler that you could use every day, give as a gift, or even sell! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did and I can’t wait for you to try this and create your very own Tumbler.