6/30 | How To Iron On Wood

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A lot of you might be wondering if it’s really possible to create some awesome die cutting DIYs on wood. So today, I am so excited to share with you my tips and tricks for How To Iron On Wood.

This is so popular right now! This craft technique will help you make some really great professional looking projects for your home or to give as gifts. You can even start a side business selling these crafts!

How To Iron On Wood

It may seem like ironing on wood would be really complicated but I promise you it’s not. With my simple tips, you will be able to create some amazing wooden craft projects. You’ll want to iron on every piece of wood you find! What will you make first? 

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Weeding Your Design

First, we’ve got our piece weeded out and the transfer tape applied. We’re going to get ready to put it on a piece of slab wood. You can find these at Michael’s or your local craft store. They’re super trendy and perfect for all kinds of craft projects.

These slabs of wood are perfect to use with your Cricut die cutting machineCricut EasyPress, and Heat Transfer Vinyl. They’re really smooth, making them an ideal surface for applying iron on.

Preheat your EasyPress

What we’re going to do next is to pre-heat the EasyPress to 340 degrees and set the timer for 30 seconds.

Position Your Design

It can be a little challenging trying to position your transfer tape on the wood slab because it’s not a perfect circle. Just take your time on this step and place it where it looks best to you!

Use Your EasyPress and Remove the Transfer Tape.

Once the EasyPress has preheated, we’re going to heat our design. Since our slab is a little larger than our press, we’re just going to start with one side and then carefully move it to the other side.

Give it a little bit of pressure but be sure not to move the EasyPress. Let it count down for about 10 seconds and then check on it. You want to be sure not to overheat the wood.

Remove the transfer tape carefully.

And just like that, you have an amazing iron-on piece you’re going to love. Wasn’t that easy? It’s really not intimidating at all! You just have to have the right tools and take your time with each step.